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Saturday October 23, 2010


On Saturday Oct. 23, 2010 the 5th meeting of the Michigan Regiment took place at the Toasted Oak Grill and Market in Novi. This meeting was different as this unique restaurant only opened in May and specializes in the use of Michigan grown meat, fish and produce. They have quite a wine cellar with great but reasonably priced selections from all over the world. Their specialty is an excellent selection of some of the better Michigan wines. They also have a special menu of cheeses and meats that have been preserved by a 15th Century French method called Charcuterie. When this is ordered you can choose what you want from the special menu and they bring out small portions of each on a board with unique sauces like honey infused with lavender. If you find a wine, cheese or Charcuterie preserved meat that you like you can buy it from their Market right there in the restaurant on your way out. Their salads were very fresh and crisp. Their steaks and fish are great. They claim that their french fries take three days to make.

In attendance at the meeting were:

  • Ed Koster - Class of 1960
  • Mariko and Alex McPherson - Class of 1962
  • Kathy and Pete McLallen - Classes of 1962 & 1964C

It was decided that the next meeting will be in May of next year. An afternoon picnic was suggested.




Contact: J. I. (Pete) McLallen

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