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Saturday July 17, 2010



1964 Crossed Sabres

1964 Crossed Sabres


Saturday July 17, 2010 – The 4th meeting of the Valley Forge Military Academy & College Alumni Association’s Michigan Regiment was heldat the Gathering Place Restaurant in Northville, Michigan.  The restaurant, which just opened for dinner on June 25, serves evening meals by reservation only.  The meeting was held in a private room and the main course was a choice of either N.Y. Strip Steak or Tilapia.  The service was excellent as was the food.

Attendees were::

  • Linda & Lou Braun ‘45 *
  • Fred Crew ‘50 *
  • Hayes Crew ‘57 *
  • Linda and Ron Kraynek ‘64C *
  • Joe Pasarelli ‘67 *
  • Isabelle Lauerman & Stephen McLallen ‘96 *
  • Anita and Chuck Sanford ‘72
  • Kathy and Pete McLallen ’62 & 64C
* = first meeting

After the main course Pete McLallen gave a review of the purpose of the Alumni Association Regiments as purely social organizations designed to help alumni feel more connected to Valley Forge (see the Purpose near the bottom of this page).  A question was asked about where other Alumni Association Regiments were located.  A few were discussed but a complete list can be found on the VFMA&C website at http://www.vfmac.edu/Alumni/AlumniRegiments.aspx.  Pete also noted that these meetings were open to attendance by any alumni should they find themselves nearby when one is scheduled to occur.  This should be of particular interest to those who spend the winter in Florida.

Pete reviewed some of the recent changes in personnel at VFMA&C including the distinguished Col. David R. Gray who is taking charge as overall President of Valley Forge (the new General Baker), the highly decorated Lt. Col. John Church, USMC (from Mt. Clemens, Michigan), returning to VFMA&C after a tour in Afghanistan to take over the post of President of the College and Lt. Col. Shawn Phillips, a VFMA&C Distinguished Military Graduate Class of ’88 and Col. Gray’s XO in Iraq, taking over the post of Superintendent of the Academy.

You can read more about them at the following websites:

Questions were asked about VFMA&C finances.  Pete reviewed some of the details provided by Bill Floyd at Homecoming including the condition of Hamilton (Wheeler) Hall and the $12 million in deferred maintenance.  He also reviewed the recent sale of 19.4 acres for $10 million to Eastern University and how that would make a significant impact if wisely spent.

Fred Crew asked several questions about Alumni giving, most important of which was whether or not Alumni gifts could be specified for certain things.  Repeating information obtained at Homecoming, Pete told the group that gifts could be specified for particular purposes other than the General Fund. Fred informed all that there were some significant changes that were due out this year from the IRS that might make giving more attractive.  He will provide more details when they become available.

Pete reviewed the need for recruitment of new cadets, discussing briefly a new initiative being developed by the Admissions Office in concert with Gordon Hanscom of the Alumni Association to use alumni for recruitment purposes.  Each attendee was given a prospective cadet packet and asked to contact Pete or the Admissions Office if they discovered a prospective candidate in their community. There was some discussion a bout the current tuition at $37,500.  The group discussed tuition at other institutions including the University of Michigan at $40,000 for in-state students.  Pete asked each to recall what their parents paid for them to attend Valley Forge and then to remember how much their family’s income per year was at that time.  Considering the tuition as a percentage of annual family income makes the current tuition understandable.  There was some discussion about the availability of scholarships and how the new Pennsylvania legislation, H.R.424, will benefit VFMA&C.

After well over an hour and a half of discussion the group was invited by the restaurant management to have coffee and dessert downstairs in the main dining room where there was live piano music.  The dining room was almost empty by that time, but the service continued to be excellent and the piano music pleasant and unobtrusive.  It was after 9:30 before the meeting concluded.
It was agreed that the next meeting will be held in mid-October. Pete will send out the details via email.  He received positive response from several members when asking for assistance in contacting Michigan Alumni by phone particularly those without computers.

Joe Pasarelli ‘67, Hayes Crew ’57, Fred Crew ’50, Kathleen Braun & Lou Braun ’45


Anita Sanford, Chuck Sanford ’72, Ron Kraynek ‘64C & Linda Kraynek


Kathy McLallen, Stephen McLallen ’96 & Isabelle Lauerman


Isabelle Lauerman, Pete McLallen '62 & 64C & Kathy McLallen




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