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Saturday February 20, 2010



The third meeting of the Michigan Regiment was held at Shiro Restaurant in Novi, Michigan on Saturday Feb. 20, 2010 at 5 PM. The restaurant is housed in a beautifully restored old mansion that sits back off the north side of 9 Mile Road and is surrounded by 200 year old oak trees and woods. Dinning was French-style with fresh linen table clothes and napkins by candle light in a private room. While Shiro has some of the best Japanese food you will find, some preferred more traditional American fare, equally well prepared steaks and prime rib.  

In attendance were:

  • Tom Griffin ('67) and his friend Mary
  • Ed Koster ('60) and his wife Virginia
  • Justin Russell ('08C) and his friend Allison
  • John Giglio ('62)
  • Hugh Roberts ('56) leader of the NE Ohio Regiment
  • Alex McPherson and his wife Mariko ('62)
  • Pete McLallen ('62 & '64C) and his wife Kathy and son Andrew who set up the event with Shiro's management

During the meeting we discussed Homecoming 2010. It looks like 3-4 of us are planning to go. We talked about trying to get together with members from the other Regiments around the country at a special event. We also discussed the video "Past In Review". Hugh Roberts volunteered that he has a few copies left and would gladly send them to anyone who wished one (mrob60@sbcglobal.net). Hugh also was kind enough to provide official VFMAC nametags for the meeting.

Our next meeting date was set for July 17, 2010. John Giglio volunteered to help set up this meeting.


Homecoming 2010 schedule and registration documents
(click on the link to download the .pdf file)

Homecoming 2010 schedule

Homecoming 2010 Registration



Past In Review Video Available

Hugh Roberts from the NE Ohio Regiment was nice enough to send me a copy of a video CD, “The Past In Review”. For those of you that have not seen it, this video was done in 1987 by several members of the Alumni Association by gathering movie footage and pictures from from Alumni all over the country and piecing it together along with narration by General Milton G. Baker, General Milton H. Medenbach (‘41 H), General Alfred A. Sanelli (‘39) and other distinguished alumni. There is also music from the Band under the direction of Col. D. Keith Feltham (‘90 H) and the choir under the direction of Col. Robert V. Woodside. It does a great job of documenting Valley Forge’s history. If you would like you own copy of this great DVD you can get it by sending an email to one of the creators, George Newell (‘51 & ‘53C Band) at bigbandgn@mac.com. George does not charge anything for this video.




Contact: J. I. (Pete) McLallen

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