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The Michigan Regiment of the Valley Forge Military Academy & College Alumni Association met at the The Plymouth Crossing Restaurant in Plymouth, Michigan. the restaurant is unique in that it is in a restored brick building that once manufactured Daisy Air Rifles. In attendance from right to left in the picture were Chuck ('72) & Anita Sanford, Alex McPherson ('62), Hayes ('57) & Janet (not pictured) Crew, Ed Koster ('60) and Kathy & Pete ('62 & '64C) McLallen. Remembered at the meeting were friends John ('62) & Sharon Giglio who moved from Farmington Hills, Michigan to Wells, Maine and Orlando & Veronne Bustos who moved from the beautiful 1865 home which they restored on Gilbert Lake, Michigan to Puerto Rico.

Oct. 3, 2014


PowerPoint Presentation for Homecoming Class of '64 & '64C

Music from the Valley Forge Military Academy Band

Past Meeting Reports:


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The Purpose of Valley  Forge Alumni Regiments

The purpose of forming Regiments is not for fund raising for Valley Forge Military Academy and College. The purpose is to:  

          1. Meet  with other Valley Forge Alumni and exchange old war stories with other  people who have experienced the same unique experience that you have  had.
          2. To have  a happy hour with other Alumni
          3. To meet  new people and their families at such social events as cook outs, pig  roasts, Christmas parties,  mid-winter dinners, etc.  
          4. To be  able to network with other Alumni about jobs, business connections,  selling or buying sources, etc. You will be able to network not only  within your own Regiment, your information or searches for jobs,  openings and products will be sent to all of the other Regiments. In  addition Valley Forge and the Alumni Association have need of  different companies for work at school.
          5. This is  also a way to disperse the correct information as to what is really  happening at Valley Forge and what your Alumni Association is doing  both for you as well as for the school.
          6. The  Regiments are being organized by the Alumni Admissions and Regimental  Development Committee, but you run the  Regiments.  


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Contact: J. I. (Pete) McLallen

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